Are you ready to move on from an outdated or DIY website that just doesn't reflect where your business is headed?

Transform your online presence into one that truly represents the future of your business. At iHelpCreate Studio, we specialize in creating luxurious, high-performance websites specifically for women entrepreneurs in the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle industries.

Beta Launch Special!
limited offer only
01/Elevate Your Value
Confidently increase your pricing as your revamped brand identity vividly showcases your worth, allowing you to elevate your offerings in the market with confidence. It's not just about looking good; it's about affirming the incredible value you bring to the table.
this is for you if your are ready to:
02/Secure Your Ideal Clients
We design with purpose, ensuring your visitors can't help but take action, whether it's booking a call or a service, purchasing a product, or signing up for your newsletter. Attract and secure more of your dream clients with a website that effortlessly sells your services 24/7.
03/Market with Confidence
With a website you're proud of, marketing feels less like a chore and more like a celebration. Share your business with the world confidently, knowing your online presence is primed to turn heads and convert to sales.
Our Premier Signature Experience is crafted specifically for businesses like yours, whether you're a fledgling start-up or an established enterprise seeking growth and are in need of a fully customized high-end website.
the Signature Experience
  • High-end Website + Website Copy Support
Transform your online presence with a website that not only grabs attention but entices visitors to explore further, ensuring that your business stands out among competitors. Plus, we understand that crafting compelling website copy can be daunting. Whether you're pressed for time or budget to hire someone for this, we're here to assist. And if you're looking for top-tier copywriting services to elevate your brand message further, we have outstanding recommendations ready for you.
  • Streamlined Inquiry & Booking Process
Ease and accessibility are at the heart of the customer experience we create. We simplify the inquiry process to ensure that potential clients can effortlessly connect with you. We will integrate your booking system seamlessly, enhancing user engagement and simplifying how clients schedule your services.
  • Sell Services & Other Offerings
Our website designs are more than just visually appealing; they're strategic. We incorporate persuasive design elements and organize your content to guide visitors through your services and offerings. This approach answers their questions, builds trust, and helps them make informed decisions—all designed to enhance service uptake.
  • Optimized User Experience
Every aspect of our design prioritizes the user experience, ensuring an intuitive and seamless browsing journey for your clients. From easy navigation to mobile responsiveness, we craft websites that are not only beautiful but also highly functional across all devices.
The web design process to completion may take up to 6-8 weeks.
+ Up to 6-8 Custom Pages
+ Client Project Management Board (Notion)
+ Website Copy Support
+ Domain Connection Assistance
+ Complete Mobile Optimization
+ Basic on-site SEO
+ CRM Integration / Booking System
+ Newsletter & Social Media Integration
+ 14-days Post-launch Support
+ Post-project Website Tutorial Videos
+ 2 rounds of revision
Starts at $2 ,500 USD
Now at beta ~ $1,677 USD only
(SAVE $823 USD)
The process
Your brand's best self awaits,
are you ready?
Ideal for those who need a simple yet striking online presence, our Lite Website package offers either a one-page showstopper or up to 4 pages site. It’s perfect for businesses looking for an effective, compact website.
Designed for business owners with a solid brand strategy aiming to enhance their visual identity. This package is perfect for refreshing, refining, and revitalizing your brand's look and market perception.
What you'll get:
-up to 4 custom pages
-mobile optimized
-website copy support
-basic onsite SEO
-2x revisions + 7-day post project support
What you'll get:
-moodboard & creative direction
-wordmark custom logo suite
(main, alternate & brand mark logos)
-Curated font suite & color palette
-Brand Guideline Packet
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